Ham carving in London

Whether you are organising a corporate function, wedding reception, family reunion, or any other gathering, I am at your service to help you create a remarkable display that exceeds your expectations. We take immense pride in providing a seamless and stress-free experience that encompasses everything from selecting the finest hams to carving them with utmost precision and serving them with finesse.

Meet Eva María García

Eva María García is a maestra of Spanish ham carving, weaving a culinary masterpiece in the heart of London. Rooted in the rich traditions of her Spanish heritage, Eva stands as a distinguished ham carver, offering her expertise to craft unforgettable experiences for events and bespoke training for businesses.

Collaborating with industry giants like 5Jotas and Grupo Osborne, Eva has perfected her art, bringing a touch of authenticity and excellence to every slice.

Her prowess has graced prestigious venues across the UK, from the Spanish Embassy in London to the regal Ascot horse races, the soaring heights of The Shard, and the exclusive settings of RSA. From enchanting weddings and private soirées to the glamour of London Fashion Week, Eva’s knife has danced with precision, leaving an indelible mark at every event. 

ham carving in London

Feel the taste of Iberian Ham

Experience the exquisite flavor of Iberian ham, a prime example of tradition and innovation in the culinary world. Also known as Jamón ibérico, it represents the pinnacle of Spanish gastronomy. Derived from the legendary black Iberian pig, the meat has a nutty, slightly sweet aroma and a smooth, buttery texture due to their acorn-rich diet. Try this age-old Spanish culinary treasure today and enjoy the unique qualities that make it an extraordinary delicacy.

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